About Us

About Us

Flourishing. Authentic. Blessed. 

Nothing beats wearing a comfortable tee and feeling great about yourself every day. This is exactly the vision we have for you!

At 2 Fab Tees, we believe in positive affirmations of self and empowerment to lift the spirits of black people all around the world. Our is brand dedicated to helping the black community express and love themselves unapologetically. Essentially, we want to showcase the beauty that is black culture and give everyone a voice through our fabulous collection of expressive tees.

Our tees are creatively designed with the best collection of inspirational quotes that are fun, sassy, empowering & iconic. We consider our brand a form of activism to challenge stereotypes and ensure black women to love themselves and their beautiful culture. With our inspirational tees, you can be yourself always and never have to conform to be accepted.

Here's Why You Should Shop Our Fabulous Tees:  

Skilled Team of Professionals

We work with only individuals, who understand our vision and are dedicated to executing it. Our team is filled with professionals, who pay attention to detail and execute their jobs perfectly. Hence, we always have an amazing collection of fashionable tees crafted perfectly to suit our customers' needs.

Premium Quality

At 2 Fab Tees, we just don't offer you amazing, inspirational messages and quotes, but also, deliver premium quality tees. Our tees are made of 100% cotton that is breathable and gentle to the skin.

Amazing Words of Empowerment

We offer a variety of quotes for our clients to choose from. That way, you can express yourself however you choose to. The quotes printed on our tees range from being inspirational, funny, sarcastic and self-affirming. Also, there are others with pop culture references that celebrate a celebrity, an era or a trend you love!

Varieties of Colors/Sizes

One thing you can be sure of when you decide to shop with us is that there are so many options to choose from! We have so many varieties of tees in amazing colors, sizes, neck styles, etc. Everyone can find a fit that suits them!

Shop our amazing collection of tees today and stay confident, empowered & fashionable every single time!

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